Reclaiming an active life after Motherhood 

I’m back to the world of fitness blogging after a long hiatus. As a new Mother I am gently reclaiming my active life. I ran up until 32 wks pregnant and had the active labour I wanted, I got to use the only maternity pool in Ireland at the Coombe hospital. After my adorable baby came along I embraced Mother and baby yoga and lost the baby weight through exercise together classes with Sarah Davey. I took the running buggy out on a few occasions but honestly it was mostly walking that kept me fit in those early stages. I’ve been back completing fun runs and of course the Womans Mini Marathon during the summer which I wouldn’t miss for anything but I rarely made the time to train for those races. My little boy is very attached to me and I hate to leave him for long so short local workouts suit me best. 

My local village in Clondalkin have started something amazing, a calender of free yoga and meditation events held in the monastic grounds of the new visitor centre and Happy Pear cafe. Every Sunday morning a different instructor leads a class in an outdoor session with a different charity benefiting each week. It was the brainchild of local Mum Rachel Somers of Somers Psychotherapy and the initial class was by another local Mum Monique Tijgel of Joy: Journey of Yoga, I’m proud to call both of these amazing woman friends of mine. Another plus for the community is that Corkagh park will begin their first Park run event from Sept 23rd, which is a free family friendly 5km organised run. I’ll be taking part in both of these wonderful events and I look forward to sharing my journey with you all. Look out for me cross training for the Dublin marathon 2018 in a playground near you!


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